• Switch to Google Cloud Platform


    Busy with other things than maintaining servers? Use Google’s powerful server force. From Cloud storage to infrastructure. Google Cloud Platform has it all. By using the Google’s engine, you won’t have to provide for an infrastructure yourself. This is not only cheaper, but also more flexible: You can scale up or down whenever you want. Moreover, The Google Cloud Platform is suitable for every company. Both start-ups and companies such as Spotify, Coca Cola and YouTube run in the cloud on this infrastructure.

We're not just Cloud Platform Partner, we're also recognized App Development Specialization Partner


Qlouder’s specialization is not only with guiding the transition, but also in developing on Cloud Platform. Google manages the hardware, Qlouder builds whatever you want. The more complex, the better. From small web apps to complex machine learning solutions. Both for large enterprises and for startups. Google Cloud Platform = Cloud Storage, App Engine to easily build apps, Big Query to analyse your data, different machine learning solutions and the platform to combine these different technologies. By connecting directly to Google Analytics you can see the result after changes and therefore test whether the potential solution has the desired effect.

Curious what benefits Google Cloud Platform can have for your company? Contact us to learn more or to get to know us. You can reach us both by phone (+31 20 333 7500) and by mail (info@qlouder.com).

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