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    What kind of business applications does Qlouder develop? We create applications that are valuable for organizations. This sounds as broad as it is: we build both improvements and additions to existing products, as whole new applications that can simplify business processes. Solutions you were waiting for for years, or solutions you never imagined. Whether you have complicated problems or small challenges, we’ll come up with a creative solution.

ZuidZorg has her focus back on healthcare thanks to Matching App


Our apps vary from building a central place for information, to applications that utilize machine learning to alleviate employees by taking over mundane tasks. We’re excited to uncover the possibilities for your company. We can show you some examples of what we already did:

#ZuidZorg We developed the Matching App. An application that automatically connects caretakers to a request for care and reduces the administrative burden.


#KLM We developed an app that allowed employees to share travel tips, after which this was automatically offered to KLM travelers.


#ECDPM Because ECDPM employees often travel, it was complicated to efficiently store and share information. We created IMAKE, an app that centrally stores all info and also connects to the agenda.


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