• Qlouder helped Beeztees to implement a flexible and scaleable platform that improves mutual communication, reduces costs and simplifies innovations in the future with G Suite.

    Beeztees is a family business that is specialized in toys and accessories for pets. Their goal? Creating happy moments with your pet. This international company has 95 employees and exists already over 45 years. They think being innovative is important, and since they still used Office2003, it was about time for something new.  Something new that simplifies collaboration, offers a social intranet and that will be cheaper as well. Together with Qlouder they adopted a new digital strategy and transferred to Google Cloud (G Suite and the Google Cloud Platform).

  • Challenge

    Improving the collaboration within Beeztees by digital transformation.

  • Approach

    Transferring Beeztees to Google Cloud (especially G Suite).

  • Result

    Better collaboration, more space for innovation and actual business growth.

" Because of Qlouder IT wasn’t only supportive, it created actual business growth."

Germa Zijlmans , IT-Manager Beeztees


To simplify collaboration between employees, Beeztees and Qlouder chose for the implementation of G Suite. “Qlouder immediately gave the possibility of a Proof of Concept, that enabled us to estimate if the possibilities of G Suite would be worth the effort”, says Germa Zijlmans, IT-manager of Beeztees. To make the transition process as smooth as possible, we started with transferring to Mail, Calender and Contacts. To do this we used the ‘train the trainer’-method. By letting Beeztees select a key-user in each department, and training these people how to maximize their use of G Suite, the acceptation of the transition became easy. “Preparation is everything, therefore the transition went flawlessly.”


After this first successful transition, we could start with the second part: transferring all files to Google Drive and implementing a social intranet. “Because of our use of complex excel files, it was complicated to fully transfer to the Cloud. We first had to transfer everything by hand, but as always with technology, it didn’t take long for a plugin became available. Now all files are in the Cloud automatically and we can easily share and adjust these.” The only thing Beeztees still longed for was a social intranet. By implementing the intranet of Google+ the marketing department can easily share the latest developments around Beeztees. This keeps every employee informed and thereby the organization more cohabitated. “In Qlouder we found a nice club that helps us now, and in the future, to work smarter and more efficient. Therefore technology isn’t only supportive, but enables actual business growth.”