• By using IMAKE and the Google Cloud Platform, ECDPM can support her employees all over the world in a way that was unimaginable before.

    Because of globalization there is a high need for independent and international relations. The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is a do- and thinktank directed to the international collaboration and development in Europe and Africa. Most employees are busy with research, long term projects and global discussions about subjects like food safety and the relation between the EU and Africa.


    In traditional organizations these processes would be optimized by a strict schedule, because of the international character.  However, that would mean a loss of efficiency for ECDPM. Because of this Qlouder and ECDPM developed an application that helps employees around the globe to process information easily and to report their activities to the organization and it’s sponsors at the same time. This way IMAKE does support all employees’ processes, without obligating a strict structure.

  • Challenge

    Enabling efficient information processing, collaboration and reporting for employees scattered all around the world.

  • Approach

    Transferring ECDPM to the Cloud and delivering them a process serving application to collect information from employees.

  • Result

    ECDPM was able to grow strongly, while the IT department could stay as small as it was.

" I think Qlouder is a flexible and innovative company. They always come up with solutions and that’s very valuable for us."

Roland Lemmens , Controller at ECDPM

What’s IMAKE?


Writing researches, giving presentations and reporting and visiting international conferences demands a lot of documentation and collaboration. Doing this from different countries isn’t self-evident. Employees of ECDPM, for example,  had to document all their projects on their own external hard disks, which complicated sharing and reporting. By transferring to G Suite and the Google Cloud Platform first, this problem could be solved. Google Cloud enables employees to use and share their files from over the world and work on their projects together and at the same time. 


G Suite was just the start. ECDPM also needed an additional application to improve the data processing: IMAKE. Qlouder developed this application using the Google App Engine and therefore ensured a strong connection between G Suite and IMAKE.  For example, documents automatically link to the calendar to add project information as additional tag by spend hours.  Information can also be saved in a more structural way. Roland Lemmens, controller at ECDPM: “An employee of a project writes different reports about different conferences, we call this ‘deliverables’. When they are back, they write a ‘back to the office-report’, consisting of the information of people they spoke with. This has be reported and tuned again. All this information is now collected together within IMAKE. Now it belongs to our knowledge management environment and it is easier t monitor and evaluate completed work. This way IMAKE became the foundation to do our work.”


The integration of Google Cloud and IMAKE didn’t only make the work for travelling employees easier. ECDPM earlier used different kinds of collaboration and messaging software. By using Google Cloud and IMAKE they only have to use one system and can thereby reduce maintenance. “Since the IT-department isn’t focused on pure IT resources anymore, the prime focus can be on adding real value to business processes. While the organization grew considerably, the IT department still has the same size. We never imagined collaborating globally could be this easy.”