• To gather insights from data, HVR group needed an application that filters relevant information automatically.

    The HVR group is a communication agency that focuses on making organizations more flexible. They think it is important for companies to listen and watch better to needs, to simplify making connection. This is why they argue that communication is something for the whole organization, and not just the communication department. To respond on new information however, it is essential to gather the relevant information quickly. That’s why Qlouder helped HVR group to process information as efficiently as possible.

  • Challenge

    Making it possible to respond on new information quickly.

  • Approach

    Using Machine Learning to process information automatically.

  • Result

    A dashboard that only presents the relevant information to employees.

" The data-profiling app is an excellent example of how data can make our lives easier"

Hannah Deen , Data Scientist @ Qlouder

Qlouder developed an application that filters all the relevant data about a specific subject. This way employees won’t have to search within documents, but they open the relevant information in a special dashboard with just one click. With help from this kind of machine learning solutions, it is possible to develop all kind of applications with which an organization can take the lead on competitors. Think of analysing positive or negative sentiment about your product or service (and not only a social media monitoring tool!). But also when you have doubts about bringing a certain organization within your clientele or when you want to prevent fraud as a financial organisation, machine learning can be the solution by checking and filtering a huge amount of data automatically.