• Qlouder developed an application for KLM in which employees can easily share travel suggestions with travelers.

    KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines, is the Dutch airline company and offers flights all around the globe. KLM wants to offer more than the transport from and to destinations. Therefore they were looking for services with additional value for customers. Personal services customers really could use. In this case Qlouder and KLM came up with the idea to share the travel knowledge of the flight employees to support travelers. Qlouder developed an application in which travelers have access to all location knowledge of the employees. From must-sees to hotels and restaurants. That’s how the customer can make enjoying vacations even easier.

  • Challenge

    Offering an added value service for KLM-customers.

  • Approach

    Developing an application that enables sharing the knowledge of KLM-employees.

  • Result

    An application filled with travel tips.

" Our expertise is building applications. The more complex, the better."

Jan Bart , Bugfixer of the month of Qlouder

For KLM, Qlouder developed a mobile application intended for both employees and customers. Employees can easily add extra information and travel suggestions in a content database. By using an API this information will automatically be offered front-end to travelers. The result is that KLM-customers could use this app to get travel tips. Original travel suggestions from KLM employees about hotels, restaurants and must-sees; a personal extra for the KLM traveler. The app also has connections with the booking application, email and social media like Facebook and Twitter.