• Administration is an essential but time consuming part of healthcare. This time is at the expense of the real care. Together with LUMC, we’re dramatically reducing the administrative workload. By using speech-to-text technology we were able to develop an application that automatically records, transcribes and analyses the anamnesis (doctor – patient interview). In time the analysis is reviewed by the specialist and transferred to the EMR-system with the click of a button. This improves the structure of healthcare information and in later stages it enables data analytics on symptoms/treatments.



  • Challenge

    Specialists within the hospital spend as much time speaking to patients as doing administration. Can this be reduced?

  • Approach

    Using speech-to-text technology to register the conversations during consults and adding this into the EMR-system automatically.

  • Result

    Information is automatically captured and processed in a better structure. This reduces the administrative load significantly. 

" Qlouder helped us to simplify the life of both specialists and patients by developing an application that integrates an innovative solution within the existing process."

Simone Cammel , IT Innovation Specialist - LUMC

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