• You need the right tools to be able to work from different locations. Clup Welzijn’s transition to G suite enabled them to work on-site, in the municipality - without spending a lot of money.

    Clup Welzijn offers social services in the Dutch municipality Purmerend. Sixty social workers work towards improving the quality of life within their neighborhoods together with its residents. A social worker’s daily job involves neighborhood mediation, networking with residents, teaching organizations and schools about problem recognition, organizing homework sessions and providing loneliness counselling. In short: Clup Welzijn works for and with the residents of Purmerend.


    On-site presence is crucial in this job role. The social workers have to have face-to-face contact with the residents by visiting homes, the many different organizations and community centers of Purmerend. And to be able to keep on working while out in the field, Clup Welzijn had their own server with files in the past. Employees were able to login remotely. This solution was expensive, slow, not very user-friendly and required a lot of maintenance. With the G Suite communication and collaboration package Qlouder implemented, all social workers are now able to easily access files and work together from anywhere.

  • Uitdaging

    Reduce costs by enablin a workforce of 60 social workers and 700 volunteers to easily work remote.

  • Benadering

    Implement G Suite and develop an app for organizations and volunteers.

  • Resultaat

    All social workers are able to access their files from anywhere, at any time and easily collaborate on files with others.  In addition Clup Welzijn and its volunteers are able to create/post new job openings and apply directly from within the app.

" G Suite perfectly suits our work out in the field. One moment you’re typing in your office, and the next you’re outside working on your iPhone."

Wouter Burger , Implementation Manager


Why G Suite?

Wouter Burger is Implementation Manager at Clup Welzijn: “Our work changed a lot over the years and we visit residents more often. We worked with Microsoft and an internal server in the past, but we are social workers, not IT people. I for one, had an endless amount of document versions. When I wanted to share something with my coworkers, I had to sent it about five times. Then I would get it back with comments another five times – and that’s how every document multiplied. You can ask employees to clean their drives, but they don’t have the time for that. That’s how a server becomes more complicated and more expensive over time. G Suite immediately appealed to us as a solution. It perfectly suits our work out in the field. One moment you’re typing in your office,  and the next you’re outside working on your iPhone. Since it’s also more user-friendly, we challenged ourselves to try it.

How did Qlouder help?

“Qlouder helped us migrate to G Suite, we just couldn’t have done this by ourselves. And sure, we could have started from scratch, but people wanted all their files migrated to the new system. Qlouder added real value by implementing G Suite, guiding the entire transition and by providing training. We don’t have any in-house IT people, so working with (Google) mail can already be quite difficult for some. Qlouder trainer Lian trained our key users and taught them everything there is to know about the G Suite package. Everyone with a question or idea can now go see a key-user. It’s interesting to see that in general most of the younger employees adapted to G suite very quickly. It’s a bit more difficult for people that do the graphic design and are used to for example Publisher, but overall it’s going very well.


More than G Suite.

Aside from the migration to G Suite, Qlouder also developed an app to make it easier to match volunteers to organizations. A new job site so user-friendly that even an 80 year old can use it without support. Wouter: “People are often willing to help, but they don’t know how. With this app, they are able to arrange the whole thing themselves. Sign up, create a profile, apply to vacancies, and so on. At the same time organizations are able to search for matching profiles. Our app has recently gone live and it’s already growing enormously!“