• As Healthcare organization you want to be focused on care. That's why Qlouder developed an application that automatically matches the need of care and the caretaker.

    Home care becomes more and more the standard. The challenge is to find the right caregiver quickly. ZuidZorg is an organization that guides caregivers and organizes home care for more than 10.000 different people in South-East-Brabant. Whether you need maternity care, help with the household or nursing, ZuidZorg matches a team of caregivers with the demands and thereby helps people to keep living independently.  Planning that many different employees and demands for care is a time consuming and administrational hassle.  That’s why Qlouder developed an application for ZuidZorg that takes care of this tasks.

  • Challenge

    Matching 216 caregiver teams with 10.000 different clients.

  • Approach

    Automatizing the match between patient and caregiver.

  • Result

    By connecting caregiver, availability, location and the need of care, ZuidZorg employees only have to focus on care again.

" The Matching App excels at showing how IT can make business processes easier"

Stefan Hogendoorn , Chief Qlouder

Qlouder developed a (mobile) web application that simplifies the match between caregivers and clients.  On basis of criteria like location, availability and services the match between offer and demand will automatically be made.  By also arranging the administration via the app,  not only the match between caregive and client is made automatically,  but also the paying processes are simplified. This doesn’t only create less administration, but it also enables more insight in contracts and spent hours. That’s how ZuidZorg can stay focused on care, while the application arranges the administration.