Hours: 32-40 a week
Level: Junior, Medior or Senior
What: Google Cloud


Do you love everything about web development? Are you proficient in all the basics (HTML, Javascript, CSS) and can PHP not be mentioned in your presence because you swear on Node.js? Do you just really, really like coding? And are you responsible enough to manage your own projects? You’d have to be flexible, because you will work on various cases and no project is the same. And you won’t have someone telling you what to do.

You have…

# Bachelor or Master in Computer Science or Information Technology

# Experience in a relevant role, preferably within a commercial environment

# Expert understanding of core front-end web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

# Translate requirements and mockups into fully functioning features using JavaScript and HTML/CSS

# Experience with JavaScript libraries such as AngularJS

# Experience with templating languages

# Ability to write high-performance, reusable code

# Experience troubleshooting cross-browser compatibility issues

# Knowledge of version control systems

# Comfortable working on a command line


# Photoshop and design skills

# AngularJS and Polymer (expect a quick course in these frameworks if you don’t know them yet)

# Project Management

# Machine Learning

# Playing an instrument. We need more members in our Qlouder band.


We’d love to hear from you!

Send an email to jobs@qlouder.com with the following things:


# Your name and the position you’re applying for

# A motivation (blow us away with your love for tech!)

# Your CV (or LinkedIn)

# Your availability in the coming period


We’ll get back to you in 1-2 workdays.


Or just use our Job Application Form.


#Acquisition to this vacancy is not appreciated