Just two days left and it’s time for CloudFest 2018!  The Google Developer Community event of the Netherlands of this year. Are you ready to share and receive some knowledge about the latest developments in the Google Cloud?  Or to be inspired by the amazing GDG community?  As a proud sponsor we’re looking forward to the 24th of November to inspire each other on the latest tech. Are you joining us?


It won’t be surprising that serverless development is one of the topics we want to address.  Stefan, our Chief Geek and GDE on Firebase, will give an introduction on serverless computing, while Arno, our Solution Architect, will explain how to create a serverless mobile app with Flutter. Feel free to ask them everything you want to know.


What: GDG CloudFest

When: Saturday 24 November 10.00 – 18.00 (including drinks!)

Where: B Amsterdam

Still some free tickets left (but don’t wait too long, they’re disappearing fast!): CloudFest tickets


Some information about the talks:


Stefan: An introduction to Serverless Computing

Where: 11.10am @ Nube

Serverless development is a hot topic. Most people have heard how serverless is great for creating scalable and high-quality apps. But how easy is it really? Pretty easy, actually! In this talk I’ll introduce serverless computing using Google Cloud. How to get started, how to build more complex applications and how to integrate 3rd party applications. The talk will include Firestore, Cloud functions, PubSub, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Rest APIs and how to combine these with third party applications.


Note: This talk will be inspired on Stefan’s guestblog at the Google Cloud Platform blog: Serverless in Action, building a simple back end with Cloud Firestore and Cloud Funtions.  


Arno: Serverless mobile apps with Flutter

Where: 14.20pm @ Wolk

Flutter is awesome to develop apps for different phones. In this talk Arno will introduce & explain Flutter using an actual example (the Qlouder Library app). The goal is to show how you can use it to create an app with third party database links. Curious how you can create an awesome Flutter app that connects to FireStore? Get seated and let Arno talk you through the way of working with Flutter. Using the example of a self-made library app, he’ll introduce and explain how to get your app to retrieve information about the book, the availability,the order status and how you could use it to tell another person to read a bit faster!


PS: We’re hiring!