The Google Cloud Platform is expanding quickly, and not that far away from home. The Netherlands region was only launched in january this year, and now Google already announces the third zone in Eemshaven – Groningen. An expansion with attention for the environment: Google already build their data centers and other zones in this region, and acquired enough renewable energy to make sure that the new zones also use 100 % renewable energy.


This new zone is already the 45th GCP zone in the world and should enable developers to create even more highly available services throughout Europe. The other zones already covered the standard GCP services, and by opening this zone, the services Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, Managed Instance Groups and CloudSQL can be moved within the Netherlands as well.

What about us?

As Premier and Application Development Specialization partner, we applaud this GCP growth and it’s good to see that Google puts in a lot of effort to meet the high demand across the Benelux.  We’re happy to assist customers with design, deployment, migration and support. We do not only use the platform to build scalable and tailor-made applications, we also come up with innovative data science solutions and support you in your transition to the Google Cloud from a technical, training, support and change perspective.


What should we bring you more of on the Google Cloud Platform?

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