It’s only the first day of Google Next’18, but what a day!  Our Chief Stefan rocked the stage with Bret McGowen about Serverless Development.  A short summary? You are robbing customers from fast innovation if you are still developing the old-fashioned way. We will definitely publish some content on serverless the coming weeks, so be sure to follow our social media channels to stay posted.  We can spoil a bit: it’s all about speed, simplicity and scalability.


And, we got some exciting news to share: We received the Google Cloud Global Partner Award for Customer Excellence in Application Development!  A recognition by Google that we demonstrated expertise in driving customer’s success with our applications. We are very proud and excited. Thanks Google, thanks team and last but not least: a big thanks to our customers!


Enno, Serge and Stefan are in San Francisco and were happy to summarize the day for you: