Hours: 32-40 a week
Level: Medior/Senior
What: Google Cloud, Python, R, C++


When you are passionate about data, maybe even dream of detecting the health state of an unseen emperor by only using vibrations data of a thread attached to his wrists, or maybe just get excited about training machine learning models on thousands of machines across the cloud, or feel fulfilled when seeing your feature engineering efforts have led to a lightning fast and accurate predictions. Then we say, “ROC on!”, and we should have a talk!


Are you open for working in a startup like manner, getting a lot of responsibility to do things your way (as long as they get done)? We have projects in computer vision, natural language processing, as well as speech recognition. Are you dedicated to growing as a professional, perhaps with the help of Qlouder Library, monthly Knowledge Sharing Sessions, biweekly company-wide Code Review Sessions, online courses and training for Google Certifications? Besides work, you can expect regular tasty salads, pizza Fridays and a friendly team. Up for the challenge?

You have…

#A master’s degree or PhD in Statistics, AI, Data Mining, Machine Learning or equivalent experience

#Proficient in Python or R or C++

#Experience with deep learning and traditional ML approaches

#Experience with Tensorflow and Keras or Pytorch

#Solid understanding of statistics, and when should one use certain types of models

Bonus, if you have:

#Google Cloud Platform experience in production

#Have deployed machine learning models in production

#Consulting Experience

#Sophisticated taste in salads


We’d love to hear from you!

Send an email to jobs@qlouder.com with the following things:


# Your name and the position you’re applying for

# A motivation (blow us away with your love for tech!)

# Your CV (or LinkedIn)

# Your availability in the coming period


We’ll get back to you in 1-2 workdays.

Or just use our Job Application Form


We’ll get back to you in 1-2 workdays.

Awesome, but I prefer another role in Qlouder

You’re welcome. Check our latest vacancies at our career page!


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