QBook Club recommendation, August 2018


Book: Hands-On Machine Learning with Sci-Kit Learn and TensorFlow

Author: Aurélien Géron

By: Our head librarian Taavi Kivisik

For: Aspiring Machine Learning Data Scientists and professionals already working in the field


Aurélien Géron has an amazing skill in explaining things in a very simple and straightforward way, especially for content that in itself is not simple at all. Hands-On Machine Learning with Sci-Kit Learn and TensorFlow (Hands-On ML) covers the mathematical formulas necessary for implementing different machine learning techniques and then gives a thorough explanation of what they means in practice. The concepts are explained in a welcoming manner towards newcomers but offer depth where needed.


Hands-On ML is well structured and well paced; it introduces a general idea first and then elaborates with details. For example, Géron introduces general ideas like cost functions, activation functions and regularization, and only then elaborates by showing different examples of cost functions and how they compare. This allows you to build a good intuition about the general idea as well as which specific implementation should you use, and it helps a lot with memorizing the content.


For more advanced readers interested in how the formulas came to be, we recommend Bishop’s book Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning as a good addition.



Remember: reading just 15 minutes every work day gives you 65 hours of reading time a year.


Happy reading,


Taavi Kivisik

Qlouder Librarian, Data Scientist and Developer