The first expansion after our merger is a fact. From now on we will be able to bring our customers even more from our office in… Germany. With an office in Frankfurt we are able to offer our European customers even more expertise in Application development, Big Data, Machine learning, (Cloud) Infrastructure and G Suite.


Why Frankfurt?

# We’re determined to bring you more of the latest innovations. Frankfurt plays an important role in the European economy. With our new location and team we’re ready to bring more solutions and insights to the growing European market.


# The (Google) Cloud is growing fast. We are ready to support German companies in embracing the speed and scalability of the cloud. Our new office enables us to offer full-service Google Cloud expertise in the most personal way.


# Technology by itself is just a tool, to bring new insights and solutions you need creativity and curiosity. With our Frankfurt office we are able to embrace an awesome new team, and we’re excited to attract new people as well.


Welcome to our German colleagues!



Stefan Hogendoorn, Managing Director of Qlouder, is excited about the new office: “We’re very privileged to welcome a very skilled and motivated team to Qlouder. We are excited to be able to offer our services from Germany as well.”



Together, Qlouder and CTS have a global workforce to bring you more from offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Amsterdam/Utrecht area and Frankfurt.






If you are looking for more information, or want to discuss the possibilities of the cloud with our German team, just give us a call on our regular number: +31 20 3337500 or email