By Clara Martens Avila


Google organizes several events throughout the year to introduce people to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), but the biggest must certainly be Google Cloud OnBoard. This huge event, that is not just a speaker event but also a hands-on training, took place at Amsterdam’s Beurs van Berlage this year. It was packed with people, and as a proud Google Cloud partner Qlouder was there too.


“When I started working at my company the developers had a bunch of servers in the basement that continuously broke down,” an IT Innovation Manager at an auction platform tells us. “Granted, the situation has much improved since then, but our tech people still spent way too much time and resources on maintaining them.” And so he came to Cloud OnBoard, to see how the cloud could help his company move to the future. “The session on containers has certainly inspired me. Kubernetes provides such easy solutions for our problems! My head is full with ideas to improve our company’s infrastructure. Even if our servers had been cheaper, tools like Kubernetes, Firebase and the easy consoles to manage the data would still want me to take the next step. That is not something we could have otherwise.”



The onboarding day had, true to its name, also attracted a lot of real onboarders: developers that recently started working with Google services. An occasional student was also present. “The curriculum of my university program gets considered for an update every 2 years, a lot of Google Cloud services are younger. The things I learn right now in Computer Science are useful, but in practice I’ll go out on the job market and they’ll be looking for these kind of skills: working in the cloud is the future. And those are not the skills they teach me in school. Sessions like this, where they show you everything that’s possible with new technologies, are incredibly important for me.”  


Missed the event? Qlouder co-organizes Google Developer Group events throughout the year, with an ML event with Sara Robinson coming up next week!