[1st of April]


With Qlouder rapidly growing, the office in Maarssen became a little too crowded. Therefore they decided to move to a new home. The most important criteria? Intuition and gut feeling. It brought them to Eemshaven, directly next to the (new) Google Data Center.


Why Eemshaven? “A high up-time and a quick and stable internet connection is crucial for our business”, says Stefan Hogendoorn, CEO at Qlouder. “The closer to Google’s Data Center, the shorter the time data takes to get to us – and thus to our customers. And, as Premium Partner, you need a premium location including direct connection to the Google Cloud. In the past we also struggled with some WiFi issues due to the thick office walls. Those times will be over now.”



Qlouder is recognized for its open culture; everyone is free to work in a way they like. “Whether that is standing up, sitting down or lying down in a meadow. To us it makes no difference”, says Simon van der Heden – Commercial Manager at Qlouder. “And when the discussion gets heated, there are enough wind turbines in the harbor to cool down”, says Simon with a smile on his face. The new office has extremely high ceilings and a covered veranda area. It offers enough space for bootcamps, hackathons and their diverse coaching programs.


Also for customers it’s the ideal place to brainstorm and get some fresh air. “And because of the fresh milk, the quality of our cappuccinos also got better”, continues Simon. “It helps our organization capture the value inherent in a deeper understanding of external market dynamics and use it to drive further organisation performance”, adds Stefan. “Eemshaven provides us with everything we need to bring more.”



The location is also interesting to deploy new commercial opportunities. Simon: “A workshop cow hugging or farmer golf, just a few of the many examples.” We can combine those activities with our smart apps and machine learning appliances in which we actively monitor cattle health and predict our colleagues’ golf scores.


Qlouder’s official office move is scheduled for Easter Sunday. Everyone is invited to come by at the new office (and try the amazing latte macchiato). Questions? Contact eemshaven@qlouder.com.