Powerful machine learning technology applied quickly

It doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time to apply the latest machine learning technology for your business.  Qlouder launches a new form of Sprint, the so-called HyperSprint. Depending on your goals, you can have results in 10 days.


What’s a HyperSprint?

The Qlouder HyperSprint is characterized by quick, high quality output. In only 10 days Qlouder can help you get key insights and reach your deliverables. Because we have the experience, the know-how and architecture in place, we’re able to analyze and process speech/video data quicker. You deliver the audio files, we deliver the insights (and an integrable dashboard in which you can analyze the data yourself!)


What’s the difference between a regular Sprint and a HyperSprint?

Sprints let your company reach your defined deliverables and gain key insights, very quickly.

The difference between a regular Sprint (20 days) and a HyperSprint are the deliverables at hand. Our HyperSprints are designed towards a specific technology in the area of machine learning. Because we already have the technical architecture in place, we are able to deliver insights within 10 days. Our regular Sprints are tailored to specific problems or challenges.  In a Sprint, we invent and deliver a prototype of a solution within 20 days. This method enables to get feedback early in the process, enables to adjust ideas and to know exactly if the solution does what is expected. A Sprint is possible in both Data Science, Machine Learning and App Development.


Download the HyperSprint onepager