After receiving the Application Development Specialization last year, Google now asked us to become a Premier Partner for all of their cloud services. Of course we said Yes!

What does this relationship mean?

The Premier Partner status is the highest possible achievement, granted for our quality and proven expertise in working with Google’s Cloud products and services.

By achieving this status, we’re proud to be added to a very select group of IT companies. Google’s Premier Partners have completed extensive technical training and met a rigorous set of criteria to qualify for this status.

Advantages for our customers:

# You’ll work with a partner recognized by Google, with proven results


# You can be sure that our employees are Google certified and completed extensive training


# A direct line with Google and Google Support


# Even better deals


#We’ll be able to test the latest and greatest technologies and, as a result, also implement those solutions quicker


Shortly said:

Qlouder brings you more #googlecloud #expertise