Qlouder is a big fan of serverless application development. We have been using this since the first developments that started about 10 years ago and built dozens of serverless applications for our customers. Actually, it’s one of our ways as a rapidly growing cloud innovation company to bring more value to your organization.  The biggest advantage? When we develop a serverless application for you, it is about the application and not about spending on IT (management and maintenance) or hardware.

Serverless – scalable and high quality apps

We regularly get the question: how easy is it to develop a serverless app? The answer is: very easy! And, we are happy to explain that to you. To eliminate a misunderstanding: serverless does not mean that we don’t use servers. However, the servers are at Google Cloud and that means that we can concentrate on the design and the code. Before the arrival of serverless, the focus was on the underlying IT infrastructure. Think of setting up a (test / production) server or virtual machine (VM), and management and maintenance. Did the use of your application grow or shrink? Then you had to add or remove servers. When coding, the infrastructure of the server was paramount. Often at the expense of the functionality and experience of the user (user experience).

If you opt for serverless development, Qlouder configures your application directly in the serverless environment that you are going to use. As a result, internal complexity is no longer a challenge and your application is ready for use in no-time.


The boundaries between front-end and back-end are blurring

The arrival of serverless had a major impact on the development of applications. As a result, the boundaries between front-end and back-end will increasingly blur. Back-end development requires much less knowledge of complex issues such as load balancing, database sharing or system maintenance. The only thing you need is to know what functionalities your customer or employee needs.


Serverless as a SaaS solution – customized for your organization

Do you want to replace or expand functionality? By using serverless as a customized System as a service solution you can easily connect to your existing databases and processes. In principle, everything is possible when it comes to serverless execution of your processes. Whether they start on your website or in a database. Instead of putting the management burden at the center, primary attention can go to the development of desired functionalities. This way your organization can focus on core business instead of IT.


The most important benefits for your organization

Organizations for which Qlouder develops serverless applications see the benefits regarding communication between database and application. These are:


  • Your own infrastructure or management environment is superfluous
  • You easily absorb peak loads because of automatic scaling
  • You only pay for the use of the application and not for management
  • There’s a lot less complexity by direct ‘contact’ of the user with the database
  • Less security risks and the total development time is shorter
  • You always have access to the latest technology
  • You lower IT management costs
  • There is more room for functional wishes and requirements within your project budget when developing your application serverless.


From a development perspective, the benefits are also immediately clear:


  • You no longer need any servers, no VMs or communication with and between these systems
  • Your time and attention no longer goes to maintenance, the uptime or patching the OS of your servers.

What about offline usage?

Regularly asked is whether a serverless application on an online server can be used offline. This is certainly possible. When the app is offline, the data will be stored in the application. The changes that a user has made are synchronized with the server as soon as the application is online again.


Complex processes

Our customers choose the benefits of serverless development in terms of: simplicity, speed, security and scalability. In addition, serverless is also suitable for applications in more complex processes. Do you want links with other backend systems or perhaps the entire process from an online order in an application to the financial settlement of a transaction? Qlouder is happy to develop it serverless. Not entirely sure if serverless is possible?  Let’s discuss the value and possibilities!


Stefan Hogendoorn – Google Next’19 San Francisco

Our Chief Geek Stefan Hogendoorn spoke during Google Next’19 about a real life use case of Serverless Development.   He explained- among other things- why he states that not developing serverless is robbing customers from faster innovation and shows how a serverless app could look like. View the recording here: https://youtu.be/-qR4KC3JwNk