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Qlouder’s Chief Geek Stefan Hogendoorn just came back from the Firebase roadshow in Asia. And no, he wasn’t there to just eat Durian. He was invited by Google to share his Firebase experience and skills with developers new to the platform.


What is the Firebase Asia roadshow about?

“It’s a 2-day developer event. The first day was about partner meetings, the second day about knowledge-sharing. We introduced developers to Firebase and showed them a glimpse of the platform’s limitless possibilities. After that we organized a 6-hour hackathon in which developers teamed up to build real applications.”

What is your role?

“As Google Developer Expert (GDE) on Google Cloud Platform and Firebase, it’s my role to share my expertise.  During the hackathon I supported the developers by answering questions and challenging their solutions. We helped them find the right tools and also avoid pitfalls. Together with the Firebase team, the GDEs also judged the created applications. In addition I also shared best practices and spoke to Google about new ways to further improve Firebase.”

Was it a success?

“Yes! It’s amazing to see that developers new to Firebase can build great apps in no time, with just a little help and support.  In only 6 hours developers not only built Android apps, but also progressive web apps and apps that are compatible with both web, Android and iOS! For me personally I really like to share knowledge and talking to the local developers at the same time. The real “deep engineering” talk.”

So, when will you be visiting the next roadshow?

“Haha! I’m not attending all roadshows. My last show was in India last June. And my next stop for me is a lot closer to home: The Google Developer Groups DevFest in Amsterdam at 18 November. I’ll do a talk on Serverless Development there.”