• Where does data meet your business goals?


    Use data to gain insight into your company and customers. Know exactly what you need or predict what your customers want. By using your current data, you can focus on the future.


    Data is everywhere in this ever-changing digital world, useful insights however don’t come as easily, even more so if you need them quickly. With our help waiting for days to discover the needs of your customers or to gain insight into the current status of your company will be history. Products like Biq Query enable to gather insights quick and efficiently. Whether you’re thinking small or Big Data, and whether you want to analyse transaction logs, web visitors or video footage. Being competitive, working efficiently and adapting to your customers’ needs will become much easier with the right information.

Over the years we helped a lot of organizations with creative solutions. View our cases.


With our expertise we can help you to investigate the opportunities of data science for your company. Whether you’re looking for consultation or you want us to build a data-infrastructure, it is our challenge to help you discover what is possible and what brings you the most. Our team is diverse and consists of both data-analysts and developers. By using Google Cloud Platform tools we can adapt ourselves to your needs.

Examples of our services around data are building Data Lakes and using Big Query to conduct Big Data analysis. A Data Lake offers possibilities to gather and centrally store large amounts of data. It also enables that advanced analysis can be conducted on that data.  By using the right tools you can generate astonishing insights about that data. And using our Sprint methodology we can generate new insights in only 20 days!  An example of a dataplatform that we have built is that of Fanly.

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