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    Data is everywhere in this ever-changing digital world, useful insights however don’t come as easily, even more so if you need them quickly. Waiting for days to discover the needs of your customers or to get insight in the current status of your company will be history. Products like Biq Query enable to gather insights quick and efficiently. Whether you think small or in Big Data, and whether you want to analyze transaction logs, web visitors or video footage. Being competitive, working efficiently and responding on your customers’ needs will become much easier with the right information.


    Two specific tools in our services around Data Analysis and Data Engineering are creating a Data Lake and conducting Big Data Analysis. Our data analysts are specialized in discovering the possibilities of (your) data for your company. We can build a data lake that makes it possible to conduct the analysis, and we are able to create the environment that will allow you to do the analysis yourself.  This is also possible for companies that don’t own a lot of data.


    What is a Data Lake and what qualifies as Big Data?


    #Data lake | These days it is often recommend to create a data lake: one central place to store as much data as possible. Being this data-driven enables you to be agile to your customers. Without the right structure, however, it is useless and you will create a data swamp in which running analyses can take days. Qlouder helps companies with building a structured data lake and thereby enables extensive and efficient analyses. We help with structuring data and with implementing environments to enable running data analyses yourself.


    #Big Data | Analyzing a large amount of data is very time consuming. By reducing this time, Big Data makes quick insights possible. Whether you have a large amount of data or different types of data that are difficult to compare in normal analyses, Qlouder advises you about the data infrastructure, the analyses and the right tools (like BigQuery). Our team also consists of data engineers to enable data analytics for your company.

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Qlouder can provide advice on the right tools (such as BigQuery), data infrastructure and conducting analyses. We also employ data engineers to do the data analysis for you.

The possibilities of Big Data and Data Lakes are endless. Contact us if you’d like to know more about which additions Data can provide your company. Contact us by phone (+31 20 333 7500) or via info@qlouder.com.

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