• Boost your business by Machine Learning


    From self-driving cars to offering personal recommendations. From automatic detection to analyzing business automatically. Machine Learning solutions are everywhere. The challenge is to find the solutions that are valuable for a company. To take care of processes or to simplify these to improve productivity.  With our sprint method we can already deliver such a solution within 20 days.

Turboboost your business model in 20 days.


Qlouder has a lot of experience in developing Machine Learning solutions. Qlouder uses the CloudAI from the Google Cloud Platform. This platform does not only offer the infrastructure to run Machine Learning solutions on, but there are also some existing AI-solutions from Google on the Cloud Platform. By using these pre-trained functions, companies don’t have to reinvent the wheel themselves,  they can focus on the details that matter instead. CloudAI for example consists of well-known functions like analyzing text, video and images automatically and also the usage of Google Translate. Qlouder can use this combination of existing and new API’s to develop solutions applied to your company and your problems.

Machine Learning can have value for companies in roughly three ways:


#simplification | Machine Learning makes it easier to filter text from images, to search within files, to filter spam or to send replies. According to research from Google, employees only use 5 percent of their effective time to think of new ideas. The rest of their time is filled with side-jobs like formatting and arranging things to be able to do their work. Machine Learning can make you focus on what really matters.


#dataprocessing | Machine Learning enables quick data processing. This gives your company the opportunity to get an overview of your data quickly.  Humans won’t only be able to get more insight to make make wiser decisions, it is also possible to offer services like personal recommendations.  (Also see Data analysis & Data Engineering)


#automationThere are a lot of (repetitive) tasks that could be automated (partly). By using Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to train a machine learning system. This is not something from the future, but something that your company can use now to outsource tasks to the computer. Think of matching offer and demand automatically and automating the complicated analytic and repetitive tasks.


The exact value of Machine Learning is difficult to explain. Every organization is different and benefits from other solutions.  Contact us if you want to know more about the specific possibilities for your company.  (+31 20 333 7500 or info@qlouder.com 


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