• Where does data meet your business goals?


    Data Science is the study and practice of all things data. It’s a generic term for expertise in data munging, big data analysis, machine learning and data visualization. Qlouder can help you use data to gain unparalleled insight into your company and customers.


    Data is everywhere in this ever-changing digital world, whereby Data Science and AI have become a mainstream part of business and society. Whether you’re thinking small or big data, we can help make sense of it. But with all the hype around data science, at times it is hard to think clearly about what data science, machine learning or big data can mean for you or your business. One of our data scientists wrote an article about the differences and common misconceptions.


    One thing is for sure: Getting that competitive advantage, working more efficient and adapting to market trends or customer needs will be much easier based on the right data.

Also see the scalable loyalty platform we built for Fanly.


We have a structured Design Sprint approach when it comes to our data science and development projects. Whether you already know what you want to achieve, or if you’d like some help in setting up several (different) experiments. Our team of data scientists and developers is ready! Also check out one of our projects in which we used machine learning to process images.

Aside from our advanced data science expertise, we can also help you create your own Data Lake. This allows you to centrally store large amounts of data that enable you to do the advanced data analysis – and get astonishing insights. Also see our case on the data lake we built for Fanly.

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