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    Machine learning (ML) is a term used to describe algorithms that are used by a machine to learn to do certain tasks. Through machine learning we can train a machine to tell us what is in an image, or tell us if an email is spam or not. We can also train a machine to predict how our stocks will change over Christmas, or where to allocate our delivery trucks.


    Machine learning basically enables you to find business opportunities a human can’t. ML already is everywhere and an integral part of our daily lives and a part of every industry. As an organization you want to seize the machine learning opportunity without burning through your budget. We can help you shape your machine learning strategy, pursue a specific machine learning goal or conduct several experiments.

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Machine learning technology can be used for different purposes. Common use cases include image and text recognition, fraud detection, e-commerce, behavior and sentiment analysis or chat bots. Qlouder works with proven Design Sprints to design, build and run machine learning solutions.

The value of machine learning:

Aside from potential cost reduction and the different appliances for ML, the value of machine learning can be found in roughly these three areas.


#dataprocessing #prediction | Machine learning enables quick data processing. Use data to provide customers with recommendations for example.


#simplification | Machine Learning makes it easier to recognize content (text/images), to search within files or to filter out spam. Machine learning helps your organization focus on what really matters by reducing the amount of mundane tasks.


#automation | There are a lot of tasks that can potentially be automated. Train a machine learning model to take care of complicated analytic (repetitive) tasks for example.


Every organization benefits from different machine learning solutions.  Contact us if you want to know more about the potential value of machine learning for your organization.  (+31 20 333 7500 or info@qlouder.com 


Two of our machine learning experts at work