• A IT solution within 20 days

    At Qlouder we work according to the scrum method. A flexible and effective method to quickly invent new solutions. The characteristic of this scrum philosophy is about a divers team working together on a project. By using sprints they invent, create and test a solution within a short period of time. This is for example how we can invent a machine learning solution for your organization within 20 days.

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The Sprintboard is a by Qlouder developed dashboard to simplify doing those sprints and making the collected information more accessible. We transform doing scrums to the cloud as well, and thereby the process will be easier to be tracked.

What does a sprint look like? 

A sprint starts with identifying goals together with the client. What is the problem that should be solved, or what is the goal a organization wants the reach? By discussing these subjects together, you do not only identify a clear goal we can work with, but you’ll get more insight in your organization as well. After this a group of experts in the organization will discuss what they think is essential for a solution. With this input, the Qlouder team can brainstorm about which technology could be worthful for the organization and how this could be used creatively to find the best solution. After these sprint days the building of the real solution starts. Not working on details for months, but quickly deliver a prototype which with we can run tests with. This method enables to get feedback early in the process, enables to adjust ideas and to know exactly if the solution does what is expected

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