• Improve the productivity and collaboration within your organization by transferring to the cloud. Share documents with colleagues, work online from every device and easily plan appointments in each other’s calendars.



    Tools like G Suite easily transfer your organization to the cloud to simplify collaboration. But which technology does really add value to an organization? We offer more than just sharing calendars and documents. Qlouder is known for her advise and the implementation of applications, infrastructures and Machine Learning solutions. That’s how we can simplify processes, how we can automatize repetitive practices and that’s how you get the solution that really does empower your business.


"Because of IMAKE is ECDPM able to support her employees all over the world, in a way that was unimaginable before."


A good example of a productivity solution is using Machine Learning and Cloud AI. For example, by using artificial intelligence and API’s it is possible to automate and simplify processes. The challenge is to find Machine Learning solutions that apply to an organization. Qlouder also offers tools to improve the productivity of G Suite efficiently. An example of these tools is the G Suite Signature Manager, which makes it easier for companies to exude one style.

We already developed different productivity & Machine Learning solutions for our customers.  We brought for example more to:


#HVR group | We helped the HVR group with a tool that automatically filters relevant information. This way being agile becomes much easier.


#ZuidZorg | We developed for ZuidZorg an application that automatically matches the demand for care with the right caregiver.


#ECDPM | Because of the many different projects and meetings ECDPM has to deal with, they needed an application that saves all information at one place, and that enables linking between this information.




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