• Cloud productivity, what does it mean for my business?


    Work online, from any location and on any device. Easily made possible by modern-day cloud technology. Google’s G Suite is one of the tools for your organization to work from cloud, but how can you truly get value?


    Qlouder offers more than just advice on the implementation of a productivity suite. Together with your organization we determine the right approach to increase the productivity for your organization. Because of our varied expertise in app development, machine learning, big data and collaboration systems, we can help you along every step of the way.


    Because of our data-driven culture we can help you monitor the progress and provide you with insights while in your transformation journey.


"Because of IMAKE is ECDPM able to support her employees all over the world, in a way that was unimaginable before."


We have a structured Design Sprint approach towards implementing productivity solutions and building apps.


We developed different productivity & machine learning solutions for our customers. 


#HVR group | We helped the HVR group with a tool that automatically filters out relevant information. 


#ZuidZorg | We developed  an app that automatically matches the demand for care with the right caregiver.


#ECDPM | Because of the many different projects and meetings ECDPM has to deal with, they needed an app that saves and connects all information in one place.

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