• Be more coherent easily with the G Suite Signature Manager.


    Qlouder has a lot of experience with transferring companies to the Google Cloud (G Suite and Google Cloud Platform). Our expertise however, is in developing IT-solutions. Additional tools to make the use of G Suite even more effortless for example.


    An example of a tool we developed is the G Suite Signature Manager.  From the experiences of customers that use G Suite it turned out that there was a need for managing the layout of employees mail signature centrally. By managing this from above, you are not dependent on employees that have  to copy-paste a template. You arrange an coherent appearance with just a few clicks and that way every employee will have the same style.

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How does the Signature Manager work? The tool enables to classify employees in certain groups and to connect this with a text automatically. The mail signature will be adjusted within the right lay-out and be combined with the name of the person adjusted for. A small addition that simplifies managing the different mail accounts and leads to a coherent appearance for the company.

The G Suite Signature Manager is just one of our tools. If it turns out that customers have a need for additional adjustments in G Suite, we add the developed tool to our Qlouder Toolbox. The G Suite Signature is one of the tools in this Toolbox, just like for example a tool that prevents losing files. By combining our adjustments like this, we can easily share it with all our customers and thereby make G Suite more valuable.

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