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    G Suite is Google’s online collaboration platform. G Suite offers an instantly ready infrastructure for sharing files, planning appointments and an online community for the internal communication. Implementing G Suite is an efficient way of simplifying collaboration and thereby improving productivity. Moreover, existing files can be integrated fully.

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Our expertise is to discover the possibilities of G Suite for your specific company. We understand that successful implementation is not only about technology, but also about employees. Therefore we do not only offer advise and implementation, but also training for employees and support and adjustments after the implementation as well. Since we do not only have the expertise on G Suite, but also the developers to build applications, we can fully adjust the infrastructure to your needs, and thereby increase the benefits of G Suite.

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#implementation Qlouder provides advice on the possibilities of G Suite for an organization and helps with the transition as well.


#training Technology for online collaboration is nothing without users embracing it. That’s why Qlouder focuses on both training and support. That’s how you get the most out of G Suite and that’s how innovation adds value.


#adjustment Qlouder does not only have extensive knowledge of G Suite, but also the skills to adjust it to the needs of a company. This way you get an online environment that exactly meets your needs and that lets employees focus on what really matters. An example of such a adjustment is our Qlouder Toolbox.


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