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    Our Toolbox consists of tools that simplify working in the Cloud. When talking to customers we sometimes find out that specific adjustments or extras on the existing G Suite environment could be of great worth. To meet this needs we develop a new tool that answers these expectations. The Qlouder Toolbox is the combination of these tools, to make it easier to provide these extras to other companies as well. We offer possibilities like managing domains easily, prevention from losing files, statistics of G Suite usage and a way to manage the mail signatures from above.

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The Qlouder Toolbox contains multiple different tools.

An overview of the (current) tools in the Qlouder Toolbox


#Drive-tool |Google Drive has some security to prevent users to remove a file while another user still needs it. When using it intensively, you’ll discover some holes; users sometimes accidentally do remove a file too much.  Such a file becomes invisible; a so-called: orphan document. Our Toolbox takes care of these documents by not losing them and making it easy to put them back in place. Moreover, we offer possibilities to move files within teams, and thereby making it impossible to remove or move the files to the outside. This way files are secured and is it impossible for a colleague to accidentally remove a file that someone else needs.


#G Suite Signature Manager | You prefer a consistent appearance as a company. To achieve this, it’s convenient if mail signatures can be managed centrally. This prevents you from being dependent of employees that have to copy-paste a template. Read more about our signature manager.


#Reports | This tool simplifies having insight in different domains. Our reports-tool offers the possibility to retrieve the general statistics about your G-Suite-domain. It is for example possible to get an overview of the amount of licenses, the amount of users and the amount of sent and received emails. Both on user, department and company level.


#Domains | When your company owns different mail domains,  it is handy to be able to get a overview if they are working properly in one screen. You can for example see if the license is still active, if mails will be sent correctly and when mails from certain domains are refused. This prevents you from searching or not perceiving a problem.

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