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    Technology is only valuable when users know how to work with it. When technology is tailored to users and adapted to their needs. Qlouder doesn’t just build, but also helps companies to make the switch and teaches their employees how to use a new tool. This is how IT adds value. This is how innovation springs to life.

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Change management and adoption can be done in many different ways. From training key users who can then teach the rest of the company, to sending newsletters about changes and proper training on location. Qlouder will find the solution that is the best for your company. Because of our collaboration with CloudCollege we can focus completely on the implementation in your company. After the transition we will remain available to train new employees, to follow up with the latest techniques and make analyses to find points for improvement.

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#adoption By not just implementing a solution but also guiding your company through the transition, users are more likely to use new technology. We provide training, workshops and we can keep your employees updated during the transition by sending newsletters.


#satisfaction   We listen to the needs of users during and after implementation processes, so that they know how to work with the technology and they can provide us feedback.


#innovation  Technology on its own has no value. Innovation springs to life when users embrace technology. Because of our continuous presence we can adapt to changing needs over time and get the most out of a solution. This is how innovation is stimulated.

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